Job Description

The Audiologist will administer hearing or speech/language evaluations, tests, or examinations to patients to collect information on type and degree of impairment, using specialized instruments and electronic equipment.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Counsel and instruct clients in techniques to improve hearing or speech impairment.
  • Evaluate hearing and speech/language disorders to determine diagnoses and courses of treatment.
  • Fit and dispense assistive devices, such as hearing aids.
  • Maintain client records at all stages, including initial evaluation and discharge.
  • Monitor clients' progress and discharge them from treatment when goals have been attained.
  • Plan and conduct treatment programs for clients' hearing or speech problems, consulting with physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other health care personnel as necessary.
  • Recommend assistive devices according to clients' needs or nature of impairments. · Refer clients to additional medical or educational services if needed.
  • Advise educators or other medical staff on speech or hearing topics.
  • Conduct or direct research on hearing or speech topics and report findings to help in the development of procedures, technology, or treatments.
  • Develop and supervise hearing screening programs.
  • Educate and supervise audiology students and health care personnel. · Fit and tune cochlear implants, providing rehabilitation for adjustment to listening with implant amplification systems.
  • Instruct clients, parents, teachers, or employers in how to avoid behavior patterns that lead to miscommunication.
  • Participate in conferences or training to update or share knowledge of new hearing or speech disorder treatment methods or technologies.
  • Measure noise levels in workplaces and conduct hearing protection programs in industry, schools, and communities.
  • Work with multi-disciplinary teams to assess and rehabilitate recipients of implanted hearing devices.

Education & Experience:

  • BSc in Audiology is a must.
  • Diploma in post graduate will be preferred.
  • 3-5 years experience in similar position and in a hospital set up will be preferred.
  • Strong communication skills are required.
  • Must be a computer literate.
  • MOH license/Evaluation letter is a must.
  • Fluent in English is required. Arabic is preferred.


  • Driving Collaboration | Establishes open and trusting relationships to drive cross functional synergy, focus on achievement of collective results and respect for diversity.
  • Fostering Innovation | Drives a culture of continuous improvement and institutionalizes best practices by sponsoring processes and systems.
  • Driving Results | Displays perseverance and resilience to deliver high performance. Displays accountability for results and takes timely decisions evaluating relevant sources of information.
  • Delivering Patient Excellence | Strives for service excellence to ‘treat customers well’ by displaying an understanding of their requirements, delivering value and by communicating, keeping in mind the customer’s perspective.
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