Have you all registered for the Unemployment Insurance Scheme yet?

Insurance or security for all employees to provide them with financial support at the time of job loss due to termination by the employer.

What Is Unemployment Insurance Scheme (UIS)
Unemployment Insurance Scheme is an employee security benefit designed to offer financial support in case their employment is terminated by their employer. In order to avail this protection, a premium must be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually in order to receive its benefits.

Which premium do I pay? 1) For salaries under AED16,000, an AED5 per month premium or AED60 annually must be paid.
2) If your basic salary exceeds AED16,000, AED10 monthly premiums or AED120 annually must be billed.

When will I become eligible and how long before receiving compensation?
mes When will I become eligible and when will the compensation start flowing through? When are You Eligible and When Can You Receive It? mes mes If terminated for any disciplinary reasons as stipulated by Labor Law.
3. Receive up to three months or until finding new employment whichever comes first, whichever comes later. 4) File claim within 30 days of unemployment.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?
If Your Basic Salary Is Under AED16,000 You Will Be Paid 60-70% of it with upto an AED10,000 Monthly Limit; And for Any Basic Salaries Higher than AED16k Receiving 60% upto AED20,000 Per month as Your Base Salary Payment.

How can I subscribe to the scheme? You have various channels available to you when signing up - for instance: 1) Website https://iloe.ae/# or App ILOE by Dubai Insurance
2) Bank ATMs or kiosk machines (3) Business Service Centres (4) Money Exchange Centers 5) Du & Etisalat, SMS as well as any other channels Mohre may specify

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