Job Description

Primarily responsible to Greet and welcome all guest to the hotel and relieve guests of their luggage on arrival. You will ensure that the highest standards of hospitality and welcome are demonstrated at all times, and that all guest requests are dealt with in a prompt and courteous manner.

In Addition to assist guests with luggage, Porters are also responsible to collect and distribute post, parcels. And also deal with general enquiries and ensuring the lobby and forecourt areas are always clean and tidy.

A) Responsibilities and Duties:

· Checks the daily arrival list for VVIP's or guests with special need.

· To be present at the Concierge/Reception desk or in the lobby to be ready to assist guests, colleagues and visitors when requested.

· Ensure collection and delivery of guest luggage and equipment in an efficient and timely manner.

· Tag baggage and return the identification slips to guests.

· Assists guests with luggage to the front desk.

· Escorts guests to room, placing luggage in room assigned by front desk.

· Inspects guest room for order and adequate supplies and informs guests of room amenities

· Delivers faxes, messages, packages and flowers to guests’ rooms and other offices.

· Provide items on loan to guest and collect the items back from guest before departure.

· Inform Front Desk Cashier to charge items given on loan, in case there is any charges applicable.

· Ensure the efficient delivery and collection of group luggage.

· Ensure that the guest has verified that all luggage has been accounted for.

· Ensure safe storage and collect ticketing of guest coats and personal items.

· Assist guest with long term luggage storage requests / Left luggage requests.

· Update and file the left luggage request form/ Long Term luggage request form.

· Update and file errand cards.

· Update the Luggage movement register.

· Transport departing guests’ luggage from the room to the lobby, then into a car or taxi after reconfirming with the guest.

· Respond to guest requests and queries providing a knowledgeable, efficient and helpful information service.

· Assist the senior Concierge on duty with his/her duties during busy periods and breaks.

· Assist with answering the telephone and taking messages, transferring calls or dealing with enquiries.

· To provide an efficient luggage storage, delivery and collection service

Additonal duties and responsibilities:

· Ensure integrity and confidentiality of information at all times.

· To perform any additional requirement, tasks and duties outside of his/her scope of work as deemed necessary by your Head of Department or the Management.

· Changes in business may require alterations to this Job Description.

Care of Equipment

· Ensures maintenance and careful handling of equipment used.

· Ensures timely reporting of malfunction or maintenance deficiency to appropriate area.

Training and Employee’s Activities

· Attends scheduled trainings.

· Participates actively in company-initiated employee activities.

Grooming and Hygiene

· Adheres to the specified hygiene and personal appearance standards of the hotel and surrounding area.


· Adheres to the set procedures for attendance and timekeeping.

Company Policies and Procedures

· Adheres to the provisions outlined in the Employee’s Handbook, Disciplinary Code, and Rules & Regulations.

Environmental Awareness

· Reduces waste of supplies and materials by re-using or selling.

· Recycles, when possible.

· Conserves water and energy by adhering to environmental / energy conservation checklist appropriate for the surrounding area.

· Maintains clean surroundings.

· Participates in activities concerning the protection of the environment.

B) Legal Responsibilities

To ensure that the standards required by Law and by Management are maintained at all times in all areas of operations.

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