Job Description

We are looking for a skilled IT coordinator who will maintain our Information Technology systems and networks. You will perform both technical and administrative tasks to ensure functionality and efficiency of computer and telecom systems.

Duties and Responsibilities of an IT Coordinator

  • Assists in the implementation of the IT plan and trains the individuals who will need to use it.
  • Establishes various guidelines for evaluating the IT systems and determining where changes should be made.
  • Assists in budgeting for IT expenses, including the purchase of new equipment and software when necessary.
  • Diagnoses issues when computers or other technologies are not working as they should.
  • Implements a plan for repair or replacement of computers and other forms of technology.
  • Forms strong bonds with equipment manufacturers and service providers so that issues can be resolved more quickly.

Required Knowledge & Skills:

  • Displays the ability to program computers and software effectively.
  • Demonstrates the ability to perform in a leadership role with professionalism, courtesy and fairness.
  • Understands basic computer components and has the skills necessary to repair or replace them as needed.
  • Shows knowledge of inventory control for the purpose of ensuring that necessary equipment and replacement parts are always on hand.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills for communicating with the IT team, employees and other departments and has a great attention to detail.
  • 2 - 3 years proven experience as an IT coordinator or similar role would be necessary.
  • BSc/BA in Information Technology or computer science is preferred.
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1 day ago
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3w 2d
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Full Time
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Bachelor Degree
3+ Years