Job Description

As an Attendant member at our kids' playground, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the park and providing an enjoyable experience for our young guests and their families. Your responsibilities will encompass various tasks to maintain a safe, fun, and welcoming environment.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Guest Registration:

- Greet and welcome guests at the reception area.

- Assist with the registration process, including admission fees and waivers.

- Provide information about park activities, rules, and safety guidelines.

2. Customer Care:

- Address customer inquiries, concerns, and requests promptly and professionally.

- Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by being attentive and helpful.

- Handle any issues or conflicts with diplomacy and empathy.

3. Park Operation:

- Monitor and enforce park rules and safety protocols to ensure a secure environment.

- Perform routine safety checks on equipment and report any maintenance needs.

- Assist in maintaining cleanliness and organization within the park.

4. Party Organization and Support:

- Coordinate and assist in organizing birthday parties and special events.

- Set up party areas, including decorations, tables, and seating arrangements.

- Ensure that party guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

5. First Aid and Safety:

- Be trained in basic first aid procedures and provide assistance when needed.

- Respond promptly to any emergencies, including contacting appropriate authorities if required.

6. Cash Handling:

- Accurately handle cash transactions, including admissions, gift shop purchases, and party payments.

- Maintain cash register records and report any discrepancies.

7. Team Collaboration:

- Work collaboratively with other staff members to ensure the efficient operation of the playground.

- Assist colleagues in their tasks when needed.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance:

- Help maintain a clean and organized play area by regularly picking up toys and sanitizing surfaces.

- Report any maintenance or repair needs to the management.


- Strong customer service and communication skills.

- Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

- Excellent problem-solving abilities.

- Willingness to undergo first aid and safety training.

- Basic math skills for cash handling.

- Physical stamina for standing, walking, and light lifting.

- Friendly and positive attitude, especially when interacting with children and families.

This role involves engaging with children and their families, ensuring their safety, and contributing to a memorable experience at the kids' playground. If you enjoy working in a vibrant and fun-filled atmosphere and have a passion for customer service, this position is a great fit for you.

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