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At Eathos we believe that the region’s dynamic food and beverage sector presents a wide range of opportunities for the right brands with an innovative edge. We were founded in 2014 and we are in 2 countries UAE & KSA with up to 750 employees.

We are committed for serving exceptional food that makes us the absolute franchisee partners to launch, develop, and revitalize successful dining concepts, to provide our guests with an impeccable dining experience. Our Brick and Mortars are Kababji Grill, Sushi Art, Joga, Rosa's Thai, Cocotte and Tortilla.

Our services have also expanded in 2020 beyond Brick & Mortars to include Cloud Kitchens and wide expansion in Virtual Brands. Eathos currently operates in more than 41 branches across the 2 countries with 6 Cloud Kitchens and up to 15 Virtual Brands.

The Kitchen Steward plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness, organization, and sanitation in the kitchen area. This position involves washing dishes, utensils, pots, and pans, as well as keeping the food preparation and storage areas clean.


  • Clean and sanitize all dishes, glassware, flatware, and kitchen utensils using appropriate cleaning methods and equipment.
  • Sort, stack, and store clean dishes properly, ensuring they are readily available for service.
  • Empty trash bins regularly and dispose of waste in designated areas.
  • Assist in the proper storage and organization of kitchen equipment, ensuring it is clean and ready for use.
  • Monitor and report any equipment malfunctions or maintenance needs to the kitchen supervisor.
  • Maintain an inventory of cleaning supplies and promptly inform the supervisor when supplies need to be replenished.
  • Clean and sanitize dishes, glassware, flatware, and kitchen utensils using appropriate methods and equipment.
  • Sort, stack, and store clean crockery and utensils properly for efficient usage.
  • Adhere to strict food safety and hygiene standards, including proper handwashing techniques, glove usage, and personal hygiene practices.
  • Take responsibility for the proper handling and care of crockery and utensils.
  • Collaborate with the kitchen team to ensure smooth and efficient operations.


  • High school diploma or equivalent education.
  • Proven experience as a kitchen steward, dishwasher, or in a similar role.
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment while maintaining attention to detail.
  • Strong physical stamina and the ability to stand for extended periods, lift heavy objects, and work in a hot and humid kitchen environment.
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills.
  • Flexibility to work shifts, including weekends and holidays.
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