Job Description

Scrum Master / Agile Delivery Manager
Manager of IT Applications & Systems
Technology & Digital
IT Applications & Systems

Job Objective
As an Agile Delivery Manager your day to day focus would be to organize, manage, track and coordinate day to day activities for various work streams in ADX. It would also include oversee Agile/DevOps practices and processes in SDLC including planning, execution and monitoring. Collaborate with stakeholder, good and articulate communication and leadership skills are a must.

Key Accountabilities
– Develop, implement, and oversee Agile practices and processes for software delivery, including project planning, execution, and monitoring.
– Organize daily standups, measure team velocity, collaborate with stakeholders to meet their needs, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.
– Manage risks and issues, while effectively communicating with and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.
– Analyze and report on project performance, staying current with software development trends and computing technologies.
– Provide leadership and direction to the project team, working closely with all IT staff and business
– Lead the delivery of technology led initiatives working with onshore and offshore teams
– Lead the client interests and the successful delivery by the software engineering teams
– Build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders (client, internal to the account and across the organisation)
– Manage client expectations, reporting and assurance

Key Interfaces
Internal External
Communicate daily with the Dev/Test Head and the managers to receive work direction, and to discuss and resolve issues Communicate frequently with IT system integrators and vendors to source, review and obtain clarification upon system integration related matters
Communicate daily with staff in technical support function to ensure work co-ordination Communicate frequently with external entities to sort out any issue in integration channels
Communicate regularly with staff within Systems and Applications to resolve related issues
Communicate regularly with all ADX staff on providing support related to system integration.
Communicate daily with project team to ensure work co-ordination

Qualifications and Experience
– Certified Scrum Master with at least 5ys hands on experience
– Strong experience of leading Agile software delivery projects with more than 5 teams
– Exposure with modern SDLC processes and technics which can be leveraged
– Knowledge of Agile methodologies
– Fundamental understanding, logical reasoning, problem-solving approach.
– Excellent communication and articulate
– Attitude of continual learning and assessing self-performance to apply new learnings and knowledge
– Ability to forecast and create roadmaps, adjusting with new information and changing business priorities, to achieve programmer goals
– Build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders (client, internal to the account and across the organisation), managing client expectations, reporting and assurance

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Bachelor Degree
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