Job Description

The Speech Therapist is responsible for diagnosing, advising, and treating speech and language problems to help our kids to communicate effectively. They are responsible for giving intervention for communication impairments.

Major Area of Responsibility

· Undertaking assessments

· Planning and providing treatment

· Performing speech therapy sessions with the kids

· Provide emotional and psychological support to children and parents

· Writing, Maintaining records and case notes

· Observe, monitor, assess, report and document children's conditions

· Working with physicians, psychologists and teachers to carefully monitor kids progress

Organizational Behavior

· Report directly to the Executive Manager of the Centre

· Internal contacts: Users of the centre's services

· External contacts: Childcare givers at other centres and community resources

Key skills needed for the job:

· Excellent interpersonal skills

· Organizational skills

· Communication skills

· Initiative

· Flexibility

· Adaptability

· Patience

· Teamworking skills

Administrative Responsibilities

· Ensure that the record of children is maintained and keep management regularly updated

· Ensure that all records are kept within an efficient filing system

· Outgoing staff should provide a comprehensive hand over to incoming staff

· To investigate and prepare reports relating any accidents, mishaps

· Other duties assigned by the Management from time to time

Physical Demands

· Proper lifting techniques should be used at all times especially when lifting a child from a wheelchair to bed, bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to commode, wheelchair to chair and wheelchair to floor

Behavioral Obligations

· Professional behavior of staff is expected at all times and this will be assessed by the management daily

· All staff must wear the proper uniforms during duty as required by the management

· Staff should respect and cooperate with all staff

· Staff should respect, love and care for each child in a professional way

· Watching TV programmes, usage of mobile phones during duty is strictly prohibited

· Sleeping during duty hours is not allowed

· Eating or drinking inside the work premises is strictly prohibited

Job Overview
Job Posted:
3 days ago
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2d 23h
Job Type
Full Time
Job Role
Bachelor Degree
2 Years