Job Description

Main Duties

Presents menus if required, answers questions, and makes suggestions regarding food and service.

Writes orders on checks.

Relays orders to kitchen and bar, via POS

Observes guests and responds to any additional requests and determine when meal has been completed.

Accepts payment and passes to Restaurant Cashier for processing.

Actively tries to improve his own professional service.

Addresses guest complaints immediately to Supervisor

Assures smooth, efficient and rapid service of food and beverages to provide professional service to the guests

Assists Captain in the Performance Management process

Maintain appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform appearance and professionalism

Follow company policies and procedures, demonstrate efficient teamwork and contribute to the achievement of business goals

Any additional duties and tasks assigned by your supervisor that are required for the smooth running of your department.

Assures achievement of daily planning through list of activities received

Follows upon trained elements and task, on a daily basis

Ensures service for tables assigned.

Takes food from the kitchen and beverages from dispense bar

Clearing of tables.

Follows sequence of work during set up time and service time

Handles guest request in a courteous manner repeating their request to make sure that guest message was properly understood

Reports immediately to superior any misunderstanding, problem or accident with guest or staff.

Communicates constructively with guest to assess their satisfaction. It not satisfied; follow up with any appropriate action.

Receives a training and focus carefully on various elements and task taught on a daily basis.

Signs in and out as soon as reaching or leaving the outlet

Attends pre-meal briefings, listen carefully to instructions given by superior concerning to duty service achievement’s

Is well, tidy, groomed, disciplined and honest at all times

Reports immediately to his supervisor any misunderstanding, problem or accident with a guest or the staff.

Follows opening and closing procedures

Informs superior on damages immediately after noticing them

Presents checks and ensuring smooth cooperation with cashiers

Is aware of any activities /events operating within the Resort in order to promote and maximize sales

Suggest ways of reducing costs without effecting the quality and standard of the Resort.

Ensures energy and water saving

Inform superior if housekeeping cleaning plans were followed

Operates all equipment as per the operating guidelines

Complies with statutory and legal requirement for fire, health and safety, hygiene, licensing and employment

Is aware of all local customs


Fresher or 2+ years of Experience in the same field.

Has full knowledge of the hotel safety and emergency procedures

Customer service skills

Ability to work well with others.

Ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.

To be thorough and pay attention to detail.

Excellent verbal communication skills.

A desire to help people.

Active listening skills

A good memory

Salary (Max): 1,200 AED + 250 AED additional allowance upon completion of 6 mos. + sharing accommodation + 3 x Meals/day + free uniform + free transportation inside the company + Every 2 years ticket cash (roundtrip to home country) + visa & medical insurance will be provided

Job Overview
Job Posted:
6 days ago
Job Expire In:
1w 1d
Job Type
Full Time
Job Role
1 Year