Job Description

The job of Call Center employee is to receive and answer calls from patients requiring medical services or clarification regarding a medical entity, this includes appointments and scheduling of the patient to their desired doctors. Hospital Call Center can be of two types – inbound (Received calls) and outbound (make calls). In either case the call center employee has to be well versed with medical information and must have the ability to convey the information in a clear manner.



·         Handle all inbound & outbound calls.

·         Represent the hospital in a professional manner and maintain the high standard of telephone etiquettes following the telephone technique guidelines.

·         Endeavor to answer caller questions and resolve inquiries during the initial call.

·         Assists callers in identifying needs and then routing calls appropriately.

·        Provide Hospital directory to the hospital staff and doctors, by giving the extension number and mobile number of the person or doctor they are intended to call.

·         Serve as a link to the patients, doctors and staff by connecting the call accordingly after obtaining the caller’s requirement.

·         Announce notification and Hospital Emergency Codes for the entire hospital when urgency arises.

·         Make public address announcement on a daily basis to monitor the clarity and quality of the overhead and documenting the acknowledgement received.

·         Update the information board with on-call doctors, code blue/code pink list, O.T/ on-call together with doctor on-leave.

·        Receive calls from patients requiring medical services and provide accurate information regarding hospital facilities, doctor’s details, insurance coverage inquiry, hospital packages, and other miscellaneous queries.

·         Scheduling appointment of patient to their desired specialist following the Appointment Policy Guidelines.

·        Convert enquiries to appointments by advising and advising patients/ callers to book an appointment or take a service with our doctors by providing significant information.

·         Handle all call from existing patient for follow up regarding laboratory results, upcoming OT/ Endoscopic procedure, prescription enquiry, etc.

·         Collect feedback and send an e-message to the respective staff/ doctor for necessary assistance of the existing patients.

·         Call the patient to remind and confirm their appointments 24hrs prior the appointment date.

·         Reschedule the appointment based on the patient request.

·         Creating additional or walk-in slot to Doctor’s schedule when the clinic is fully booked, after coordination and obtaining doctor’s approval.

·         Maintaining a record of calls asking for services, insurance and etc. that are not available in the hospital.

·         Log each and every call “wrap up call”, for the purpose of the Department’s Reports.

Additional Responsibilities for Call Center Executives:

·         Validate the information on the board with on-call doctor’s schedule, on-call staff and other emergency codes to be prepared when an emergency arises

·         Own the process of updating and maintaining the Employee Extension Directory to expedite relaying of calls

·         Responsible in updating “ Call Center Master Sheet”

·         Assist and respond to the new inquires that Agents might encounter during on-set of the call

·         Review the daily appointment confirmation done by the Agents

·         Rechecking emails sent by Agents if patient’s concerns were sent to the correct Dept. 

·         Responsible for blocking doctor’s clinic schedule due to planned surgeries, internal meeting, outreach program, Doctors Round etc.

·         Act as point of contact for doctors related to rescheduling of appointments and blocking of their clinics.

·         Monitor and respond to online Appointment Request and Inquires through Al Zahra Website.

·         Monitor and respond to all emails sent to “Call Center Group” and do the necessary action.

·         Coordinates with other Departments for the monthly events e.g. Grand staff meeting, Grand Round

and do necessary arrangement for the clinic schedule. 

·         Update and hand over to other Call Center Executive on the next shift all pending unsolved issues


High school diploma/Bachelor degree


        Minimum two (2) recent years of experience in the same field


The role is hospital based, providing day – to – day of Human Resource activities work at the hospital premises.


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