Job Description

1)Plans gypsum drywall installations, erects metal framing furring channels for fastening drywall, and installs drywall to cover walls, ceilings, soffits, shafts, and movable partitions in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

2) Reads blueprints other specifications to define method of installation, work procedures and material, tool and work aid requirements.

3) Lays out reference lines & points for use in computing location and position of metal framing and furring channels marks position for erecting metalwork, using chalkline.

4) Measures, marks, and cuts metal runners, studs, and furring channels to specified size, using tape measure, straightedge and hand portable power cutting tools.

5) Secures metal framing to walls and furring channels to ceilings, using hand portable power tools.

6) Measures marks cutting lines on drywall, using square, tape measure, and marking devices.

7) Scribes cutting lines on drywall, using straightedge and utility knife breaks board along cut lines.

8) Fits fastens board into specified position on wall, using screws, handtools, portable power tools, or adhesive.

Job Overview
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6 days ago
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2w 4d
Job Type
Full Time
Job Role
1 Year