Job Description

Responsible for planning, directing, controlling and coordinating the activities of the Housekeeping Department, which includes host relations, housekeeping functions in guest rooms, function rooms, public areas, offices, heart of house areas and their surroundings. Additionally, the incumbent will directly manage the laundry to ensure the activities of the laundry are consistent with expected standards.

A) Responsibilities and Duties:

· To direct and co-ordinate all subordinate housekeeping hosts to ensure that all day-to-day operational matters are handled on time and that guest expectation are met.

· To coordinate with front office to ensure that rooms are serviced and turned down according to guest requirements and vacant rooms are cleaned for new arrivals.

· To monitor the daily servicing of guest rooms, public areas and back of house areas to ensure they conform to requisite standards.

· To maintain systems to be able to handle day to day guest requests quickly and efficiently

· To prepare duty rosters, vacation plans and schedules and public holiday schedules to ensure efficient use of human resources.

· To ensure host uniforms are in good condition and laundered as per the hotel standards.

· Ensure guest laundry is laundered and delivered as per the hotel standards, and guests are billed accordingly.

· Ensure all hotel linen is in good condition and laundered as per the hotel standards.

· Maintain par stocks for all housekeeping operating equipment and supplies and re-orders as required.

· Monitor the standard of work carried out by contractors engaged by the hotel to ensure that it meets the agreed quality.

· Direct and co-ordinate the mini-bar operation to ensure that all day-to-day operational matters are handled on time and guests are billed accordingly.

· Administer the hotel’s ‘Lost and Found’ system.

· Administer the hotel’s baby-sitting service.

· Prepare, monitor and control the hotel’s annual housekeeping budget.

· Maintain efficient administration within the department preparing and submitting operational reports on time.

· Ensure that hosts are selected, trained, evaluated and rewarded in compliance with existing host management system.

· Coach, counsel, discipline and develop subordinate hosts.

· Oversee inventory control, purchasing, disbursement and control for all aspects of housekeeping operations

· Contribute to the morale and team spirit of the hotel by maintaining effective relationships with resort colleagues.

· Perform any additional duties as directed by the General Manager.

· Stay current with developments in the field of Housekeeping, and makes appropriate suggestions and recommendations to the General Manager.

Additonal duties and responsibilities:

· Ensure integrity and confidentiality of information at all times.

· To perform any additional requirement, tasks and duties outside of his/her scope of work as deemed necessary by your Immediate Manager or the Management.

· Changes in business may require alterations to this Job Description.

Care of Equipment

· Ensures maintenance and careful handling of equipment used.

· Ensures timely reporting of malfunction or maintenance deficiency to appropriate area.

Training and Employee’s Activities

· Attends scheduled trainings.

· Participates actively in company initiated employee activities.

Grooming and Hygiene

· Adheres to the specified hygiene and personal appearance standards of the hotel and surrounding area.


· Adheres to the set procedures for attendance and timekeeping.

Company Policies and Procedures

· Adheres to the provisions outlined in the Employee’s Handbook, Disciplinary Code, and Rules & Regulations.

Environmental Awareness

· Reduces waste of supplies and materials by re-using or selling.

· Recycles, when possible.

· Conserves water and energy by adhering to environmental / energy conservation checklist appropriate for the surrounding area.

· Maintains clean surroundings.

· Participates in activities concerning the protection of the environment.

B) Legal Responsibilities

To ensure that the standards required by Law and by Management are maintained at all times in all areas of operations

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