Job Description

Main Responsibilities:


  • English speaker preferred
  • To be a brand Ambassador for Maple Bear Gulf Schools in one of our branches in Dubai and Sharjah and the front face of the Centre.
  • To promote the company’s values, mission, vision, and curriculum to visitors.
  • To adhere to the guidance issued in the Company’s Operational Plan, Policies and Procedures, and Staff Handbook, and ensure this is implemented throughout the nursery (this may include duties relating to administration, early years practice, leadership of the team and personal behavior and responsibilities).
  • Engage in ongoing assessment and evaluation of policies, procedures, and programs, and implement change to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To carry out duties with a customer focused attitude, providing excellent customer service with a proactive work ethic.
  • To oversee responsibility for ensuring that all performance management systems that are in place are followed e.g., new staff induction, new staff probation and teacher supervision, team meetings in the absence of a Branch Manager.
  • To ensure confidentiality of all information received and ensure that it is shared appropriately (This includes staff personal information and salary, student information etc.)
  • To be in charge of maintaining Kinderpedia application.
  • To be liable for the nursery standards and that Centre is operationally ready daily (The setting is a safe environment for children, staff and all others entering the building. That equipment is safe, standards of hygiene are high, and safety procedures are implemented and followed at all times.)
  • To undertake all training that is deemed necessary for you in the role.
  • To undertake any other reasonable duties as directed by any staff member in a position of seniority to you, whether usually based at your base setting or otherwise.
  • To be overall responsible in maintaining the safety and wellbeing of children at all times. This includes ensuring children are only collected by authorized people listed for the individual. Ensuring that any medications are administered in line with company policy and the requirements and permissions of the parents.
  • To carry out daily risk assessment checks to ensure all aspects of the room meet the requirements for set up. Informing the management of any issues or concerns that may become apparent.
  • To ensure that members of staff maintain inventory of tangible and non-tangible resources in Nursery.


  • To be responsible for admission in line with admission policy.
  • To ensure that all key children report, and weekly messages are moderated.
  • To ensure all administrative records are properly maintained by team and updated (daily registers, contact list, staff folders, registration forms, payments, accidents form etc.).
  • To effectively manage parental complaints.
  • To liaise closely with parents/ carers, informing them about current curriculum changes and practices that may impact on their child’s progress through conversations or on Kinderpedia.
  • To input student data and create parent contract upon admissions.
  • To exceed the care standards as monitored by the ministries.
  • To promote ethos of inclusive practice.
  • To ensure early identification and intervention is implemented.
  • To liaise with parents and external agencies for the progress of the child.


  • To be responsible for providing high quality education and learning, ensuring that appropriate experiences, stimulation, and support is available at all times, to the key stakeholders attending the setting.
  • To ensure the teaching team maintains the highest standard of curriculum deliverance daily through observations and assessments.
  • To liaise with Head of Operations and curriculum team for curriculum training and queries.
  • To be overall in charge in planning events and celebration and delegate tasks accordingly.


  • To set highest possible standards with staff.
  • To recruit, hire, train and evaluate staff and recommend developmental activities for the progress of the team.
  • To supervise, lead and support members of staff.
  • To complete termly assessments and observations of teachers and recommend necessary training or actions.
  • To ensure that staff folders are up to date.


  • To be responsible for conducting school tours and send information.
  • To liaise with the finance department in matters of budgets, fees and purchases.
  • To ensure social media platforms are up to date in promoting individual branch.
  • To work closely with Marketing team in achieving targets.
  • To work closely with the Finance and Admin team to ensure outstanding fees are paid up.
  • To be able to receive payments, create children’s contract and churn invoices when necessary.
  • To ensure staff and parents comply with financial policies upon joining.
  • To complete competitive market analysis.


  • To be responsible in managing government portals.
  • To implement the recommendations of any regulatory inspection and maintain standards set for inspections by governing bodies- KHDA, DHA, Dubai Municipality etc.


  • To note that all extracurricular activities within nursery setting are organized.
  • To liaise with external vendors as required and bearing the price in mind.
  • To collate and track contacts and contract with external vendors.
  • To liaise with maintenance contractor in matters of health and safety.
  • To order and maintain equipment and resources in setting.
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4 days ago
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1w 2d
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Full Time
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Bachelor Degree
2 Years