Job Description

The incumbent is accountable for the management of stocks, orders, release, storage, timely delivery, transferring goods to the correct area, and correct document recording and data entry into the system.


Policies & Procedures:

  • Adhere to all Zahrawi Policies & Procedures as applicable.

Warehouse Coordination:

  • Schedule the delivery of products in an organized way to avoid overcrowding in the main area.
  • Check the products received and sign the quality form.
  • Inform the Procurement & Logistics team that the products have reached the Warehouse.
  • Create the IR (Item Received) on Netsuite once the product has been received.
  • Prepare the Delivery Order as per the Sales Order.
  • Arrange Demo deliveries along with the Sales team.
  • Coordinate with the Warehouse Assistants to ensure that all products are moved, stored, and segregated correctly in the Warehouse.
  • Coordinate the transfer of all products coming in and leaving the Warehouse.
  • Track the movement of all products in and out of the Warehouse to ensure that none are misplaced.
  • Ensure that all products are available in the right quantity.
  • Alert when new products are received and when existing products are removed from the Warehouse and there is a shortage.

Inventory Check:

  • Actively assist in the periodic stock inventory checks and report any products due for expiry to ensure the accuracy of system information and minimize the risk of inventory issues.
  • Physically check all expired products against the Quality Inspection Form.


  • Receive the products after clearing, local purchase or demo returns and report it back to the Sales Coordinators with the supporting documents.
  • File all LPOs received with all clearance documents in the correct files.
  • Create the Delivery note and Invoice as per LPO details.

Sales Coordination:

  • Attend to any calls from the Sales team, customers, suppliers when needed and assist them with the information they need.
  • Create any Sales return and internal sales adjustment documents on Netsuite and upload any supporting documents.
  • Prepare the products for shipment along with the WH Assistants as per the Sales Order and ensure that they are loaded on the vehicle properly.


  • Ensure that the delivery is on time and alert the Asst. Distribution Manager of any delays.
  • Receive the signed Delivery note and Invoices from the Drivers and ensure that all necessary documents are available.


  • Support the Finance Department with all documents.
  • Attend to all urgent situations and ensure that all requirements are met.
  • Maintain a clean Warehouse to guarantee a safe environment for Zahrawi employees to work in.


  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Additional details: Candidates must be based in the UAE and should be willing to move to company visa.
  • Experience: 3 - 4 years of experience.
  • Job Specific Skills: Require a good knowledge in Warehouse Management, Inventory,
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Bachelor Degree
3+ Years