Job Description

1. Initial Consultation: Meet with the couple to understand their vision, preferences, and budget for the wedding.

2. Budget Management: Assist in creating a realistic budget and help the couple allocate funds appropriately. Keep track of expenses and recommend cost-saving options.

3. Venue Selection: Research and recommend suitable venues based on the couple's preferences, negotiate contracts, and coordinate site visits.

4. Vendor Management: Recommend and coordinate with various vendors such as caterers, florists, photographers, videographers, musicians, and decorators. Obtain quotes, negotiate contracts, and ensure all vendors are aware of the wedding timeline.

5. Wedding Timeline and Itinerary: Create a detailed timeline for the wedding day, including the ceremony, reception, and other events. Coordinate with vendors and the wedding party to ensure everyone is aware of the schedule.

6. Wedding Design and Décor: Assist in selecting the overall theme, color scheme, and décor elements. Coordinate with the decorator to ensure the venue is set up according to the couple's vision.

7. Wedding Rehearsal: Organize and conduct the wedding rehearsal, ensuring all participants understand their roles and responsibilities.

8. Guest Management: Assist with guest list management, including tracking RSVPs, meal preferences, and any special accommodations required. Coordinate with the caterer to ensure a smooth dining experience.

9. Wedding Ceremony Coordination: Ensure all aspects of the ceremony run smoothly, including seating arrangements, music cues, and coordinating with the officiant.

10. Reception Coordination: Oversee the setup and flow of the reception. Coordinate with the DJ or band, emcee, and other entertainment to ensure a seamless experience for guests.

11. Wedding Party Coordination: Coordinate with the wedding party, including bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers, to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities and timing throughout the day.

12. Problem Solving: Act as a point of contact for troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the wedding day and find solutions promptly.

13. Wedding Day Management: Be present on the wedding day to oversee all details, manage timing, and ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes coordinating with vendors, assisting with any last-minute changes, and handling any unforeseen circumstances.

14. Post-Wedding Wrap-Up: Assist with the breakdown and clean-up of the venue. Ensure all vendors are paid and handle the return of any rented items.

Remember, the specific responsibilities may vary depending on the couple's preferences and the scope of your services as a wedding coordinator.

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