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Role: Finance Coordinator-Data Migration and Cleansing

Department: Finance

Contract Duration: 6 months (from start date)

Location: Nearby Dubai Investment Park, Dubai

Benefits: Work Visa or Work Permit (if own visa)

Job Purpose:

The role involves ensuring the accurate and efficient transition of transactional data from the old SAP system to the new MSD 365. Key responsibilities include extracting and compiling data while maintaining integrity, cleansing data to correct discrepancies and ensure consistency, and assisting in the allocation of data to appropriate legal entities. The role requires close collaboration with finance and IT teams to facilitate a smooth data migration and providing support to team members as needed.

Role Description:

· Data Gathering and Extraction: Retrieve and compile detailed transactional data from the old SAP system, Ensure data integrity and completeness during the extraction process.

· Data Cleansing: Identify and rectify discrepancies, duplicates, and inaccuracies in the data and ensure consistency across all records and collaborate with relevant teams to resolve data-related issues.

· Data Organization and Allocation: Assist the reporting team in accurately allocating data to the appropriate legal entities, maintain detailed records of data allocation processes and decisions.

· Work closely with finance, IT to ensure smooth data migration.

· Provide support and assistance to team members as needed.

Knowledge, Qualifications & Skills required

· Bachelor’s degree in finance, Accounting, Information Systems, or a related field.

· Proficiency with SAP or similar ERP systems.

· Attention to detail and a high level of accuracy.

· Experience with data migration projects.

· Knowledge of financial reporting and compliance requirements

· Proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics

Job Types: Temporary, Contract
Contract length: 6 months

Pay: AED7,000.00 - AED9,000.00 per month

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