Job Description

General responsibilities

a) Attending Incoming & Outgoing calls with proper etiquettes and maintaining records for them

b) Responding the telephonic call and carry out the conversations politely and timely manner

c) Handling multiple telephone lines in timely manner and direct the calls to the concerned person / extension

d) Differentiating the incoming calls and walk-ins and handle them appropriately

e) Greeting and assisting visitors and Guests

f) To sort out incoming mails at enquiry inbox and distribute to the concerned

g) Department / Executive and responding them in case of customer enquiries

h) Maintenance of Attendance records from the ERP on a monthly basis and providing the same to the HR on request.

i) To do the data entry, prepare presentations, make reports whenever required by the team

j) Maintaining Courier Register

k) Ensuring the reception area is tidy at all times

l) Being dynamic and acting quickly during emergencies

m) Taking note of Vendors and Service providers on the campus

B. Regular activities

a) Receiving and sending faxes whenever required and confirm the receipt and delivery of the same.

b) To perform other administrative work like supervision on Housekeeping and other administration purchases viz. stationery items, eatables, flowers or bouquets etc. whenever required

c) Maintaining discipline in rushing hours

d) Being the mirror of the organization, to behave in a very professional manner and always acquiring the professional ethics

e) Taking care of dispatch, keeping records for incoming and outgoing Letters

f) Maintain records of material bring brought in and taken out of the school

g) Updating Inventory received and other work

h) Maintaining the files, records and documents as required

i) Handling Telephonic and Walk-in enquiries

j) Occasional flexibility to work in other roles as required in the project phase or as suggested by the Manager Administration

1. Working Conditions

A. Physical demands: The Front desk Executive may have to spend hours standing and being energetic at work to cater to the medical needs to students.

B. Environmental Conditions: The Front desk Executive may have to manage a number of activities at one time, and may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of various students in the Medical Room.

C. Psychological Demands: Significant stress is caused to deal with students and parents. The Front desk Executive will have to manage meeting or informing parents on the student’s health which can be strenuous.

2. Knowledge

· Proven experience and results oriented

· Skilled in motivating and continuous development of students

· Effective written & verbal communication skills

· Fosters critical thinking

· Encourages team work

3. Skills

· Strong written and oral communication skills

· Leadership skills

· Excellent communication and analytical skills

· Ability to solve problems, take initiative and plan the tasks

· Flexibility with time to work extra hours when the project requires

· Experienced candidates will be preferred

· Ability to work in a team with high people orientation is must

4. Educational Qualification & Experience

· Graduate in any discipline, with good customer service skills

· Excellent knowledge of MS-Office software suite

Job Overview
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Full Time
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Bachelor Degree
2 Years