Job Description

Head Chef

Job Summary:

The Head Chef is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the kitchen, including menu planning, food preparation, and kitchen staff management. This role requires a high level of culinary expertise, creativity and leadership.

**Key Responsibilities:**

1. **Menu Planning and Development:**

- Create and update menus that reflect culinary trends, dietary needs..

- Develop new recipes and dishes, ensuring high quality and taste.

2. **Food Preparation and Cooking:**

- Supervise and actively participate in food preparation, cooking, and presentation.

- Ensure that all dishes meet quality and presentation standards.

3. **Kitchen Staff Management:**

- Recruit, train, and manage kitchen staff, including cooks, sous chefs, and kitchen assistants.

- Set performance expectations, provide feedback, and handle staff scheduling.

4. **Inventory Management:**

- Maintain inventory control for food and kitchen supplies.

- Order and manage supplies, ensuring cost-effectiveness and freshness.

5. **Quality and Hygiene:**

- Ensure adherence to food safety and sanitation regulations.

- Maintain high standards of food quality, consistency, and presentation.

7. **Innovation and Creativity:**

- Stay updated on culinary trends and incorporate innovative cooking techniques and ingredients into the menu.

- Periodically introduce special dishes or themed menus.

8. **Compliance and Safety:**

- Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

- Maintain a clean and organized kitchen environment.


- Culinary degree or relevant culinary certification.

- Proven experience as a Head Chef or in a similar senior culinary role.

- Knowledge of culinary techniques, food preparation, and kitchen management.

- Leadership skills and the ability to mentor and manage a kitchen team.

- Strong communication and organizational skills.

- Creativity and the ability to develop and present unique dishes.

- Ability to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.

**Preferred Qualifications:**

- Certification in food safety and sanitation.

- Previous experience in a high-end or fine dining establishment.

- Familiarity with dietary restrictions and special diets.

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