Job Description

As an HR Executive with Dreams Group, you will contribute to fostering a positive work environment and ensuring the well-being of our employees. Your role will encompass a wide range of HR activities, including:

Recruitment and Onboarding:Manage end-to-end recruitment processes, from job posting to candidate selection.
Coordinate interviews, assessments, and background checks.
Facilitate smooth onboarding for new hires, ensuring they feel welcome and prepared.

Employee Relations:Act as a point of contact for employees, addressing queries and concerns.
Assist in resolving workplace conflicts and issues, promoting a harmonious atmosphere.

Performance Management:Support the performance appraisal process, ensuring timely reviews and feedback.
Collaborate with managers to establish performance goals and development plans.

Training and Development:Identify training needs and help design relevant programs for employee skill enhancement.
Organize workshops, seminars, and training sessions to foster continuous learning.

HR Policies and Compliance:Ensure adherence to company policies and relevant labor laws.
Maintain accurate employee records and HR documentation.

Benefits Administration:Administer employee benefits, including health insurance, leave management, and more.
Keep employees informed about available benefits and assist with related inquiries.

HR Analytics:Compile HR data and generate reports on key metrics such as turnover, retention, and recruitment progress.

Employee Engagement:Plan and execute engagement activities to enhance team morale and overall job satisfaction.

Conflict Resolution:Mediate and resolve disputes between employees, promoting a collaborative work environment.

HR Technology:Utilize HR software and tools to streamline processes and ensure data accuracy.

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Bachelor Degree
3+ Years