Job Description

We are looking for qualified Purchasing coordinator who will be responsible for managing the purchasing process for the organization. They work with vendors to ensure that their company has access to the materials and products it needs to operate effectively.

· Receiving Requisition, sending enquires.

· Purchasing and maintaining stock

· Comparing quotations sent from various suppliers.

· Sending LPOs, faxing, arranging material to site

· Coordination with the store keeper office drivers and staff

· Handling market surveys on timely basis

· Securing data backup log on daily basis

· Coordinating with various dept. heads

· Promote occupational health and safety within the organization

· Switch off all the power consuming equipment and advise the below fellows to do so

Job Overview
Job Posted:
21 hours ago
Job Expire In:
3w 2d
Job Type
Full Time
Job Role
Bachelor Degree
1 Year