Job Description

1. Manage the company’s employee database

2. Assist in all HR-related requests and inquiries

3. Take part in the hiring process by identifying top candidates, conducting reference checks, and preparing employment contracts

4. Manage the payroll process and resolve any payroll-related errors

5. Assist with payroll and benefit tasks, including claim resolutions and payment invoice approvals

6. Create and manage calendars for the entire HR team

7. Schedule HR events, meetings, and interviews

8. Communicate with candidates and assist the HR department during the hiring process

9. Organize and perform employee orientations for new hires

10. Generate reports on the HR team’s activities and performance

11. Finalize termination paperwork and assist with exit interviews

12. Process incoming emails

13. Handle grievances and complaints

14. Produce and distribute HR documentation

15. Help in organizing and coordinating events

16. File and maintain employee records

17. Act as a point of contact with public services

Job Overview
Job Posted:
5 days ago
Job Expire In:
2w 4d
Job Type
Full Time
Job Role
Bachelor Degree
3+ Years