Job Description

The overall objective of the job
Develop work plans and mechanisms for applying a unified system and standards for statistics, and general supervision of all work related to the development of a national system for the national statistical system to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and proliferation financing, and supervise the preparation of various types of statistical reports and analyzes required to support decision-making.

Main responsibilities
General tasks
1 Participating in the preparation of the strategic and operational plan proposal for the department, developing operational indicators for work, and working to achieve them.
2 Monitoring administrative processes such as planning, budget preparation, reports, and service delivery, oversight, evaluation, and improvement.
3 Leading, directing, reviewing and approving policies, procedures, methods of work, performance indicators, and quality of the department's operations, and developing the necessary proposals to improve work and submitting them to senior management for approval and action according to them.
4 Supervise the implementation of everything that would increase the efficiency of achievement, including the development of work methods and methods, the development and training of employees, motivate them, and spread team spirit among them.
5 Periodic follow-up of the performance indicators of the department, reviewing achievement rates, evaluating the performance of the department's employees, and participating in preparing the annual report for the department and submitting it to senior management.
6 Provide the necessary support to the line manager, and perform any other tasks assigned to him.

Qualifications and experience
Minimum Qualifications:
(Government Qualifications and Experience System) Bachelor's degree in Statistics, Business Administration, or equivalent in a similar major Or a master's degree in statistics, business administration, or equivalent in a similar field Or a PhD in Statistics, Business Administration, or equivalent in a similar discipline

Experience: Bachelor’s degree (8) years of experience in the same field, or a Master’s degree (4) years of experience in the same field, or a Ph.D. (2) years of experience

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1 week ago
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Full Time
Job Role
10+ Years